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The main SC-Consultants target is the understanding of the engineering issue of its customers, in order to provide dedicated services, specialised software and a concrete answer to industrial needs.

Software licenses + training




SC-Consultants proposes software licenses (temporary/permanent). Each of those licenses is delivered with an applied training, in order to really match to the customers applications. The licenses are also delivered with associated services :

Technical Support

A technical support is provided to the software user, within a hot line. This support has the goal to improve the comfort of use by the customer and to answer to the users expectations, in terms of applications and software use.

Releases/Updates delivery

With the associated services, the new releases and updates are automatically provided to the users.

Users Club participation

Each year, SC-Consultants organizes Users Clubs dedicated to its software. Those private clubs are the opportunity to draw the outlines of the coming developments of the software.


consulting action



Providing you adapted solutions

SC-Consultants conducts studies/consulting to meet very specific technical/engineering issues(development of a new product,scale-up, optimization, reverse engineering...). A specification is written according to the expectations of the customer. The objective is to provide an applied, fast and reliable solution for a given industrial problem.

Development of specific software





Custom software applications

With 20 years of experience in the fields of materials processing and scientific computing developments SC-Consultants develops custom software application (database interactive materials, assembly of mechanical parts...).

Technical assistance

technical assistance




An engineer on your site

Technical assistance is an effective way to integrate the expertise of numerical simulation within a business. This solution implements an engineer trained by SC-Consultants within the client company to work on a defined objective.

R&D projects

research and development



A continuous innovation

As bearer of R&D projects, SC-Consultants provides solutions in the long term to treat projects applied to new problems. The development of the XimeX and ThosT software is such a part of these projects in close collaboration with industrial partners and research center in the long term.