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Business model








For 30 years, SC-Consultants supports you in optimizing your industrial processes.

Historically oriented towards consulting, we edit numerical simulation software with the support of strategic initiatives

SC-Consultants offices




SC-Consultants à l'international


Sciences Computers Consultants Headquarters - France

Sciences Computers Consultants
10 rue du plateau des glières
F-42000 Saint Etienne - France
Tel: +33 4 77 49 75 80



Sciences Computers Consultants Inc. - Canada

Sciences Computers Consultants Inc.
1455 rue Drummond, Bureau 2B
Montréal (Québec) H3G 1W3 - Canada
Tel: +1 514 687 4708

Official agents


Beijing IUIT group

Beijing Intelligent United Innovation Technology Co Ltd.
Room 805
Diyang Tower, Xin No. 2, East 3rd Ring Road North
Chaoyang District
100027 Beijing
Tel : + 86 10 844 70288


Akasha Enterprises

Akasha Enterprises
11/1 Mosque Road
Aramane Nagar, Palace Guttahali
560003 Bangalore
Tel : + 91 961 124 13 45

Magn App

Micro-Composite, Inc
2nd FL, Chumdan-ro 245 Beon-gil 50, Danwon-gu,
Ansan-si, Kyeonggi-do
Tel : +0082 31 491 9003

South Korea

SBS Plastics Trainings & Consultancy

SBS Plastics Trainings & Consultancy
4650 HERVE
Tel : +32 495 124.004

Sale partners



Icma SG
Via Madonnina75
San Giorgio su Legnano - Milano
Tel : +39 0331 407004




Sonae Industria c/o Tafisa
729, Avenue Meloche
H9P 2S4 Dorval (Quebec)
Tel : +1 514 686 0540

Extruder Experts

Extruder Experts
An der Höckerlinie 2
D-52156 Monschau-Imgenbroichc
Tel : +49 2472 987 98 17

Polymer Ohio

 Polymer Ohio
155, Commerce Park Drive
Suite 8
OH-43082 Westerville
Tel : +1 740 877 3350

Technical partners 


Fraunhofer ICT







Research partners









 Institutional partners





Université Bonn

 Case Western Reserve University


The material/process connection

SC-Consultants provides industrials with solutions for :

  • Processes optimization for material forming and transformation

  • Improvement of the products quality



Evolution, innovation and R&D projects

In order to stay competitive, SC-Consultants is involved in many projects. Wether they are private or public (national or european), SC-Consultants participates to a lot of projects : PEPTFlow, Defibrex, Innorex, Phoenix...

All this knowledge coming from those participations is used to fed the SC-Consultants software with new models : mixing quantification, fibres breakages, natural fibres behaviour, reactive extrusion...

SC-Consultants works in partnership with reknowned research academic centers such as the CEMEF (Mines ParisTech) and the IJL (Institut Jean Lamour - Université de Lorraine). Those partnerships allow to provide industrials with leading edge technologies answers. The research work of those centers is industrialized as software marketed by SC-Consultants.


Software, services and consultancy

With its experience, SC-Consultants proposes now different kind of products and services in order to fit to the customers expectations. From the license provision until the research project, SC-Consultants is your partner for the process optimization.


SC-Consultants background

Since 1989, the Sciences Computers Consultants company has been involved in the material transformation industry.

SC-Consultants is specialized in transferring the research work toward the industry.

Starting as a consultancy agent, SC-Consultants has been varying its offer for providing reliable solutions adatped to the market demands.

Fed by research projects, continuous R&D, customers feedback, SC-Consultants edits and commercializes numerical simulation software dedicated to the industrial processes of material forming/transformation.

Sciences Computers Consulants

The whole team is based on the values ​​of transparency, active listening and excellence in expertise