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R&D - Projects

As an innovative company, SC-Consultants is involved in many R&D actions. Three main axis describe the R&D philosophy of SC-Consultants :

  • Continous R&D
  • Participation to national and european research projects
  • R&D as a service


Continuous R&D

The R&D issue is a real engine supporting the development of the SC-Consultants company. This will of permanent innovation is underlined by partnerships with renowned french universities and laboratories.

This continuous innovation is useful for bringing to the SC-Consultants customers the more adapted answers and technical applications fitting to their users needs.

Beside, the innovation and the research products also feed the SC-Consultants software.


National and european projects

In this background of development, SC-Consultants participates to collaborative research projects. Those projects are useful to highlight the knowledge and know how on very specific topics (natural fibers, reactive extrusion...).

The projects in which SC-Consultants is involved are chosen as a stake of development of the SC-Consultants software :







FONctionalisation en LIgne de Matériaux Intelligents par Compounds assistés par Simulation - Bring new properties to compounds    

 Plastic Omnium


 Projet FUI

Logo Peptflow


Radio measures of the mixing efficiency in a twin screw extruderDownload the Pepftlow Machine Design Handbook



Logo 6th Framework Program

Logo Defibrex

Hemp defibration by using corotating twin screw extruder

INRA Reims


Logo Anr

Logo Innorex

Development of alternative energy sources for the production of PLA

 Fraunhofer ICT


Logo 6th Framework Program

Logo Phoenix

Development of nano-particles with flame retardants properties



Logo 6th Framework Program

Logo Realistic


Optimization of long time and large scale computations



Logo 6ANR

Logo Lucomax



Development of simulation software dedicated to co-kneader





Logo 6ANR


Development of material for ingot casting



 FUI 15

Logo Lucomax


 Partnership for advance computing in Europe







Private industrial consortia and development of applications

On the other hand, SCC leads private industrial consortia on very applied topics :



Logo XimeX


 Industrial consortium for the development of a 3D model for extrusion and mixing processes 

        Industrial consortium for the development of a 3D model for thermal systems (furnace, quench...) processes

 Melting Model

        Development of an alternative melting model for the Ludovic® Software                                        Read more