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qobeo® - Thermal systems simulation software

qobeo® is a 3D CFD software (Computational Fluids Dynamics) dedicated to the simulation of the thermal systems processes (cooking, heating, cooling, quenching...).

qobeo : heating and cooling applications

Read more about qobeo on its dedicated web page at https://qobeo.scconsultants.com.


Industrial heating and cooling processes are long-time processes and expensive. The optmization of this processing time means an economic and environmental stake today.

ThosT® simulates the behaviour of industrial thermal systems (gas or electric furnaces, air or water quench...) for different applications such as material heating or cooling.

qobeo® performs a numerical analysis of the processes, providing a save in terms of time, material and energy. The advantage is twice because qobeo® allows to optimze the real process time.


The mean : creating a simulation scenario

qobeo® holds a feature which allows the user to plan a scenario fitting to a real production cycle (warm-opening introduction of the charge, closing, gradual heating ....). It is interesting to observe the impact of this scenario and the thermal evolution of the process and the workpiece.

Defining the energy balance of an equipment

qobeo® ptakes into account the composition of fuels and oxidizers used. These data are used to estimate the energy balance of the system used.

The thermo-mechanical analysis provides data describing the behavior of the process

  • temperature

  • velocity

  • pressure

  • ...







Furnace interface

The step: an innovative numerical technology

qobeo® is based on a summary of technology for the development and implementation of data simulations.

Mesh immersion technique

The >immersion of the elements involved in the computational domain allows to automatically and intelligently remesh all kind of geometries.

Cloud computing

Based on the CIMLIB technology developed by the CEMEF, qobeo® is fully parallelized(up to 250,000 cores in the project "Prace").
Calculations and more consistent meshes are well managed faster.


  • CFD computations

  • Physics modeling accuracy

  • Process dedicated

  • Pre-defined resources

  • Dynamic R&D background


  • Adapted package

  • Getting quantitative results

  • Quantifying the efficiency

  • Optimizing the process

  • Reducing time to market

Scientific and technical support






qobeo® is developed through a private consortium of industry and research, in partnership with the CEMEF.

It is marketed and is also used in many studies consulting services.






  • Aeronautic

  • Automotive

  • Nuclear

  • Hydraulic




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