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Software for Twin Screw process analysis

Ludovic® and XimeX-TSE are simulation software dedicated to the corotating Twin Screw Extrusion (TSE) process.

Each of them offers to optimize the TSE process by proposing an indeep analysis of the material evolution.


Ludovic proposes a GLOBAL analysis of the corotating twin screw extrusion process, for describing the material behaviour evolution all along the process.

XimeX-TSE proposes a LOCAL analysis of the corotating twin screw extrusion process, with a details thiner analysis on the mixing areas of the TSE machine.


Thermo-mechanical analysis

Thermo-mechanical analysis

Numerical models

1D/2D stationary

3D Unstationary


GLOBAL analysis

Full TSE

LOCAL analysis

Typically [4,10] L/D


Global results (torque, power..)

Distribution of thermo-mechanical results along screw profile


Global results (torque, power..)

Thermo-mechanical Full 3D maps

local RTD


~ 10 sec

~ 10 hours



min. 16 cores // computation

Required input

Screw profile definition

Self wipping elements

Material viscosity laws

Internal self wipping screw elements generator

Arbitrary screw elements CAD files

Materials viscosity laws

XimeX : a specific focus on mixing properties

With the XimeX range, the simulation now proposes a high level of accuracy for describing the mixing capabilities of twin-screw/mixing equipments : Read more about XimeX



A global understanding of the twin screw mechanisms:

The Ludovic® software handles all the twin screw extrusion process parameters for a simulation :

  • the geometry/screw design

  • the material characteristics

  • the process conditions

The provided results deal with the material behaviour evolution all along the process and also energies input by the twin screw extruder.


Screw feeding



Results comparison


Screening the functioning domains

Ludovic® holds an automatic Design of Experiments (DoE) tools for screening complete functioning domains. This is aimed at quickly getting the process map for identifying the requested process parameters, according to the targetted materials and the chosen screw profile.

  • distribution of the termo-mechanical results (temperature, pressure, viscosity, filling ratio...) along the screw profile

  • detailed energy balance of the process

  • residence time analysis

XimeX-TSE for an indeep LOCAL analysis

Based on the innovative 3D FEM technology, XimeX-TSE offers a very thin analysis of the extrusion process, especially in the mixing areas of the twin-screw extruder.

Beside the classic CFD analysis, XimeX-TSE proposes a unique particles analysis aimed at quantifying the mixing efficiency of a given configuration. Elongation, erosion, breakage... of fibers/particles are computed thanks to unique Attached Properties.

A technical and scientific support


Cemef   Inra




The Ludovic® software was developed by the CEMEF and INRA, upon the request of an industrial consortium in order to solve industrial process problems. It is continuously evolving to better fit the customer requirements and analyze the most complex mechanical/chemical phenomena.

The XimeX-TSE software is coming from the SCC driven Extrusion Strategic Initiative. XimeX® TSE is part of the XimeX-INTEGRAL platform, based on the CIMLIB library ( CEMEF).


  • Plastic

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Cosmetics

  • Building materials

  • Explosives

  • Food





The PHARMA applications with Ludovic

The new version of the Ludovic software proposes options dedicated to pharmaceutical industry with a simplify interface in order to optimize Hot Melt Extrusion (HME) process, taking into account the process AND the material specificities.


Some applications in video

Ludovic principles

The GLOBAL analysis with Ludovic : some results

The process optimization

The LOCAL analysis with XimeX-TSE : some results

Le procédé bivis

Compoundage en bivis



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