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Solid® - OpenSolid® : Casting simulation software

Solid®-OpenSolid® are 2 numerical simulation software dedicated to the casting process. Solid® is used for continuous casting as well for ingot casting, with a 2D modeling approach. OpenSolid® proposes an indeep analyzis thanks to a powerful 3D Model.

Solid®-OpenSolid® perform an analysis of thermo-metalurgic behaviour of the material during the process.

Solid®-OpenSolid® : indeep and coupled analysis of key parameters :

  • heat

  • flow mechanics

  • chemical composition

during the solidification process for continuous casting/ingot casting.

Solid®-OpenSolid® allow to take into account the thermo-metalurgic phenomena occuring during the cooling and solidification of the ingot.

Results analysis

Solid®-OpenSolid® provide the main results which are key data for the process optimization :

  • temperature

  • solidification time

  • material composition

  • grains radius

  • supercooling

  • segregation

  • DAS

  • shrinkage

  • equiaxed computation

  • columnar equiaxed computation

  • ...



Solid Results


ingots simulation



The Solid®-OpenSolid® assets

A business software

Solid®-OpenSolid® are especially adapted to the ingot issues :

Robust: a model experienced and dedicated to business applications

Complete: the panel of provided results bring a thorough understanding of the process

Fast: mastered computation time to analyse the possible configurations

Solid®-OpenSolid® offer a relevant activation of the physical models, for optimizing the computations/results according to the observed phenomena.


  • Solidification history analysis

  • Modeling accuracy

  • Fast data set up

  • Clever macro/micro models


  • Easy modeling

  • Fast answers

  • High ROI

  • Learning curve

  • Clever macro-models


Scientific and technical support


Institut Jean Lamour





The Solid®-OpenSolid® software is marketed by the Sciences Computers Consultants company.

It is developed in partnership with the IJL laboratory (University of Lorraine).


  • Aeronautic

  • Automotive

  • Nuclear

  • Hydraulic

  • Metallurgy